There are many successful traders who made it big with penny stocks. The charm of penny stocks can be great for us all. If one of those trades would just take off it could be the difference between buying a Porsche or a Toyota. You can find penny stocks to buy now if you are motivated enough. But if you… More →

Penny Stock Screeners

    Stock screeners are automated online tools that allow you to specify certain parameters, such as share price, market capitalization, industry group, stock exchange, etc., and return a list of stocks that meet those criteria. Screeners can reduce the potential penny stock investments down to hundred, or even a few dozen high-quality stocks. When you decide on a parameter,… More →

DDD Research Award

A new award category of the Division on Developmental Disabilities is the Research Award. The Research Award is to be given annually to an individual, or group of individuals, in recognition of outstanding basic and/or applied research in the area of developmental disabilities. The criteria for selection are as follows: The research on which the nomination is made has been… More →